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How to write a book using the BookChix simple EASY TO FOLLOW “Best Selling Author Service”

It all starts with YOU….CONTACTING US! Click on the CONTACT NOW button. A representative will call you and discuss a writing/marketing plan with you over the phone.

Once you clearly understand our Simple and Easy to use system we will decide on project dates for your book release and hit the ground with a clear project management calendar that guides you week by week.

An Author Coach will start coaching you to write the book. The best way to write is to record your spoken voice. All we ask is that you speak into a recorder and tell us about your product or service. Remember you are the expert. We have a simple 10x10 strategy sheet and basically you answer the questions in the recorder. Before you know it you will have an outline and 50% of your book written. If you blog or have a website we can find and use information fro the site as well to finish your book.

Next we take all of the data recorded and send it to our transcriptionist. When the transcriptionist sends it back we pass it on to our Editing Department. Our Editing Department will correct and in some cases expand upon your information and then send it back to your BookChix Author Coach. You and your coach will review the content and make any changes necessary and send it on to our Book Formatting Department.

With the interior of your book now finished we begin the exciting process of Cover Design. You can choose to have an Author Coach and our Graphics Team design a cover or you can GUIDE US with sketches, photos and ideas that you may have for a great cover. Always remember the COVER is your first IMPRESSION and it must make an AWESOME first impression!

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